Bolfan wines!

The natural way of wine production represents an intimate relationship between Mother Nature and our methodical, and one might say, spiritual attention - a close interrelation with the vine (grape-vine) itself, cluster of grapes, wine, sense of sight, touch, smell and taste.
The goal is just the opposite of the goal of artificial manipulation and adding artificial aromas, the goal is honesty - naturalness.
Not losing this goal out of sight, comparing our own results with the results of others, always trying to get more, more beautiful and better - this is the motivation that inspires.
These wines have deserve the attention that they get, of course. These process of production and care for wine is inspiration we find in harmony with nature as well as enjoyment in life.
Wines are made as such for personal pleasure, for relaxation, dancing, socialising, special moments.

Bolfan wines / 2 flavours

Bolfan flavours represent a challenge for the production that the nature makes possible with the locations of high quality where the vineyards are situated.
Bolfan flavours range from light and fresh wines of the BOLFAN line, all the way to the great wines of the BOLFAN PRIMUS

Bolfan flavours range from light and fresh wines of the BOLFAN line, all the way to the great wines of the BOLFAN PRIMUS.
The flavours of Bolfan wines are recognised and chosen according to the occasions in which we wish to enjoy them. Each occasion requires a different decoration, atmosphere, feelings, amount of play... The way you choose them depends on you and your feelings.

Decanter 2020 - ECO Bolfan vina

 BOLFAN (freshness ~ freedom ~ mystical)

Fundamental, baseline wine with lovely primary fruit or vegetable flavors and aromas. Wines that blends easily a variety of dishes. Playful, fresh, fruity and mostly dry.

Primus (strenght ~ fragrance)

In Old Latin the word Primus means - the first among equals.
This person has some special responsibilities, tasks, this person dictates, opens discussions, takes notes, people listen to what he is saying. He is the first among equals. When it comes to our wines, Primus represents wines that are stronger and more corpulent and that have a higher percentage of alcohol 14-16%. Its nasal flavour more long-lasting, aromas are richer, more rounded, the wine is softer on the tongue.

International awards for quality of BOLFAN wines:

Decanter 2020 - ECO Bolfan vina
Decanter 2021 / LondonNatura Traminac 2017Bronze
Decanter 2021 / LondonBOLFAN Riesling 2020Bronze
Concours Mondial du Sauvignon 2021Sauvignon Blanc Bolfan 2020Gold
Decanter 2020 / LondonPRIMUS Traminer 2018Silver
Decanter 2020 / LondonPRIMUS Cabernet Sauvignon 2016Silver
Decanter 2020 / LondonBOLFAN Pinot gris 2019Bronze
Decanter 2020 / LondonBOLFAN Sauvignon 2019Bronze
Decanter 2019 / LondonPRIMUS Riesling 2015Bronze
Decanter 2017 / LondonBOLFAN Pinot noir 2015Bronze
Decanter 2017 / LondonPRIMUS Riesling 2015Bronze
Concours de Mondial 2016BOLFAN Sauvignon Blanc 2015Gold
Decanter 2016 / LondonBOLFAN Pinot gris 2015Bronze
Decanter 2015 / LondonBOLFAN Riesling 2013Bronze
Sommelier wine awards 2014 / LondonPRIMUS Riesling 2012 (semi-dry)Silver
Sommelier wine awards 2014 / LondonBOLFAN Pinot noir 2011Bronze
Decanter 2014 / LondonBOLFAN Sauvignon 2013Bronze
Decanter 2013 / LondonBOLFAN Sauvignon 2012Commended
Decanter 2013 / LondonBOLFAN BREG Cuveee white 2012Bronze
Decanter 2013 / LondonBOLFAN Riesling 2011Bronze
Decanter 2012 / LondonBOLFAN Riesling 2010 (semi-dry)Bronze
Decanter 2011 / LondonBOLFAN Pinot gris 2010Silver
Decanter 2011 / LondonBOLFAN Riesling 2009 (semi-dry)Bronze
Decanter 2011 / LondonBOLFAN Sauvignon 2010Bronze
Decanter 2011 / LondonPRIMUS Pinot noir 2009Bronze
Decanter 2011 / LondonPAIDIA Pinot gris 2009 (ice harvest)Bronze
Decanter 2010 / LondonBOLFAN Sauvignon 2010Bronze
Decanter 2010 / LondonSauvignon Bolfan Libertin 2009Bronze
Decanter 2010 / London PAIDA Rajnski rizling 2008Bronze
Concours de Mondial Bruxelles 2010PRIMUS Riesling 2008Silver
MUNDUS Vini 2010 / NjemačkaBOLFAN Riesling 2009 (semi-dry)Silver
MUVINA 2010 / SlovačkaBOLFAN Riesling 2008Gold
MUVINA 2010 / Slovačka BOLFAN Pinot gris 2008Silver