Autochthonous cuisine with a modern twist

Klet Bolfan (wine farmhouse) is located in untouched nature on the top of the hill above the village Hraščina.

“In symbiosis with nature, we offer you solely dishes with ingredients procured from the surrounding family households and smaller producers within a radius of 40 kilometres.”  

The emphasis is on seasonal foodstuffs making our menu creative and imaginative because we present the autochthonous cuisine with a modern twist with the goal of bringing our ecological Bolfan wines closer to every plate in order to blend the flavours and to create an irresistible harmony of scents and flavours in the mouth. We have a cooperation with the following families: Family farm Pikija, Family farm Grobotek, Family farm Puklin, Family farm EkoBreg, Family farm Vanjek, Family farm Mikulčić, Eltom-Delicacies from Varaždin, Family farm Hujić, EkoSever, Meat the King, Family farm Košćak, Family farm Orehovec...

Tasting of ecological BOLFAN wines and presentation

The wine cellar is the home of BOLFAN wines crowned with grand medals on the most rigorous and most prestigious international competitions.
We offer you a tour around the cellar with a professional presentation and tasting of our wines, it goes best with cold cuts platter.

Presentation in the wine house (min. 2 person):

  • 4 ECO Bolfan wines: 10,00 € (75,35 kn) / person

  • 2 x BOLFAN + 2 x PRIMUS wines: 14,00 € (105,48 kn) / person

  • 4 ECO Bolfan wines & cold cuts platter: 20,00 € (150,69 kn) / person

  • 2 x BOLFAN + 2 x PRIMUS wines & cold cuts platter: 24,00 € (180,83 kn) / person

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Offer restaurant BOLFAN (17-21.04.2024.)

Cold appetizer

  • Buckwheat salad with vegetables and roasted bacon -  8,50€


  • Creamy celery soup and spinach -  5,00€
  • Clear beef broth with meat, carrots and homemade pasta -  5,50€

Warm appetizer

  • Cooked cheesy "štrukli" (traditional pastry with cottage cheese)  -  8,00€

Main dishes

  • Rump steak beef with potatoes and grilled vegetables - 25,00€
  • Rib-eye steak beef with potatoes and grilled vegetables - 32,00€
  • Slow-roasted pork tenderloin with barley and mushrooms sauce, vegetables - 20,50€
  • Roasted duck breast with buckwheat and asparagus in butter  -  30,00€


  • Cabbage  -  4,00€
  • Lettuce, radicchio  -  4,00€
  • Sauerkraut  -  4,00€
  • Salad mix (lettuce,  radicchio, cabbage, pickled vegetables)  -  4,50€


  • Baked cheese "štrukli" (traditional pastry with cottage cheese)  - 8,00€
  • Homemade traditional dish "zlevanka" made of corn flour with cheese with apples cream - 5,00€


  • Homemade bread (basket) -  1,59€

- Please ask the restaurant staff for the allergen list.
- Prices are expressed in incl. VAT. 
- We do not serve alcoholic beverages to minors and persons under the influence of alcohol.

Working hours:

Dining out:
• Mon, Tues - closed
• Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat - from 12 noon to 20 h
• Sunday - 12 - 18h or by prior arrangement
: Feasts closed (Christmas, Easter, All Saints ...).

• Mon, Tues - closed
• Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat - from 12 noon to 20 h
• Sunday - 12 - 18h or by prior arrangement

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