During thousands of years, in more or less intermittent intervals, this was a vine growing land, where exuberant wines were tasted and poured.

There are legends and stories, with origins in the age of the Roman Empire and the ancient 2nd century Roman culture, mentioning the vineyards of that period and Roman military station on the top of this hill. The Roman period was followed by a succession of medieval feudal owners, each of them leaving a trace in vine growing and wine production.


The idea

When, during the course of your life, you feel the call to make a new step, then you first look for a place where to set your foot. The place that offers the possibilities and the opportunity you can immediately spot, but also makes you feel that this is the place you are looking for.

The only possibility for realising your goal that has been proved as the right one through history and people’s experience, and determined by the soil and location.



Wines are made as such for personal pleasure, for relaxation, dancing, socialising, special moments. Without the dedication, constant learning and attention, persistence, falling and getting up again of each individual person working in the vineyard and cellar, the philosophy described above would not be possible. In order to produce the wines in accordance with the descriptions and the goals we have set for ourselves, much credit goes to all hard-working employees of the vinery, starting from Vjekoslav, Luka, Dario, Josip... all the way to the business manager Branimira Puškadije, wine expert Andrej Rebernišek.